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October 17, 2017

The Importance of Choosing the Right Children’s Entertainment Company
Hiring a children’s entertainment company can make your child’s next birthday party or celebration truly special.  Your children will enjoy an action-packed party with superheroes, pirates, princesses, or any other character that they love.  It will make the party a memorable occasion and an event they will remember for the rest of their lives.

To ensure your child’s party is a success, you should look for a children’s entertainment company that is professional and reliable.  Finding the right company takes a little bit of research, but it is worth the effort.  This guide will share a few reasons why it is important to find the perfect children’s entertainment company.  Let’s get started!

Why does choosing the right entertainment company matter?

They will provide an age appropriate show
If you choose a professional kids entertainer, they will be able to deliver an entertainment package that is tailored to children of a specific age.  They will know which activities work well for children in each age group and will have many rehearsed activities they can call upon.  A great kid’s entertainer will also be able to mix and match the activities performed at the event, entertaining children of different ages.

They will be reliable
A great children’s entertainment company should run a very professional operation.  They will be punctual and have contingency plans in place if one of their entertainers becomes unavailable.  They will adhere the to the old adage — the show must go on!  This ensures that parents will avoid the stressful situation of having an entertainer not turn up to the event.

They will be able to supply many types of performers
Professional children’s entertainment companies will have many different types of entertainers on their roster.  This will include dancers, singers, comedians, face painters, mimes, and musicians.  You will be able to pick and choose from the various types of entertainers to make an entertainment lineup that your children will love.  This really comes in handy if you have a child who is crazy about comedy or wants to get up on stage and sing a song with a talented musician.

They will be able to accommodate many different themes

Most children’s entertainment companies have entertainers who can perform as pirates, super heroes or princesses.  But a great company will also have entertainers who specialise in certain characters.  For example, they might have actors who look and sound like Anna from Frozen or Captain Jack Sparrow.  This can be useful if your child is fixated on Frozen or Pirates of the Caribbean.

All entertainers will be screened
Professional entertainment companies screen all employees, ensuring they don’t have criminal records and are safe to work around children.  Employees will also receive OH&S training to ensure they are working safely at the party.

Access to trained and experienced entertainers
Professional children’s entertainment companies prefer to hire trained entertainers.  That means they will provide your party with entertainers who have been trained as actors or musicians.  Your children will enjoy better performances and a more exciting experience!

They will be fully insured

Professional companies have comprehensive insurance for their employees and equipment.  They also have public liability insurance, which protects any guests at the party — including your family.  If an accident takes place that results in an entertainer or guest being injured, they will be fully covered.

About Parties in Wonderland
Parties in Wonderland is a creative entertainment company that specialises in children’s parties.  We service most parts of the UK, including London, Birmingham, and Essex.  Our company has a roster of  talented entertainers from across the UK, who will help you throw a party that your children will love!

For more information, contact us on 01342 832 204 or visit our contact page to make a booking.

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17th Oct 2017

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