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Is Moana the next Frozen?

August 31, 2017

The popular Disney film Frozen struck a chord with children all around the world.  They fell in love with the beautiful Princess Elsa of Arendelle and her plucky sister Anna.  Many children watched the movie dozens of times (sometimes sending parents a little bonkers)!


Frozen was popular because it is a story of friendship, fun, and adventure!  Children loved the characters and loved dressing up as them.  Frozen parties became commonplace, with children dressing up as Elsa, Anna, Kristof or the hilarious snowman Olaf.


A newly released Disney film called Moana is shaping up to be the next Frozen.  Since hitting the screens in late 2016, Moana has become Disney’s fourth-most popular animated movie after The Lion King, Frozen and Zootopia.  It is a beautiful story that children absolutely love.  Here is a some information about the movie and the reasons why Moana parties have become so popular.


What is Moana about?
In case you haven’t seen Moana yet, here is a brief run down of the plot.  The film starts with the wind and sea demigod Maui stealing a small pounamu stone that is the mystical heart of the island goddess, Te Fiti.  Maui plans to give the stone to humanity as a gift.  As he escapes, Maui is attacked by Te Kā, a lava demon.  The pounamu stone and his magical fishhook drop to the ocean’s floor.


Many years later, Moana is chosen by the ocean to receive the stone.  Unfortunately, she drops the stone when her father Tui comes to get her.  Tui insists that the island already provides everything they need.


Later on, there is a food shortage on the island.  Moana asks her father if she can sail beyond the reef to find more fish, but is forbidden.  Moana’s mother Tala explains that after Maui stole the heart of Te Fiti, monsters appeared in the ocean.  It is the fire demon Te Kā’s anger that is causing the islands to become barren.


Tala tells Moana that someone must find Maui and give him the heart of Te Fiti.  Tala then reveals that she found the heart of Te Fiti after Moana dropped it many years earlier.  Moana and her pet rooster Hei Hei then begin their exciting adventure!


Why do children love Moana and Frozen so much?

Children have always been drawn to princesses and princess parties, where they dress up as their favourite character.  The idea of being an elegant, beautiful and much-loved princess is very appealing!  But what makes characters like Moana, Elsa and Anna so popular?


Some experts suggest that children love characters who have similar issues to them.  Anna is emotional, wild and passionate — something young children can relate to!  When children see these relatable characters going on wild magical adventures, it sets their imagination alight.  They think of the adventures they could go on if they had magical powers.  Children love the idea of making new friends and going to exciting new places.


The characters in Moana and Frozen are also incredibly likeable.  In Moana, most of the laughs come courtesy of Hei Hei, a slightly crazy chicken who is constantly falling over.  Moana is a beautiful young girl who is courageous, tenacious, and decent.  Children laugh hysterically at Hei Hei and aspire to be more like Moana.


Finally, the music in animated movies like Moana and Frozen attracts children.  They love singing and dancing along with their favourite characters.


Moana parties will be popular this year

Given the incredible popularity of Moana, many of the princess parties held this year will be Moana parties.  We are already seeing an increase in demand for Moana party entertainers, who dress up like Moana or one of the other characters in the film.


Moana parties can be a lot of fun because of the tropical theme, bright colours and catchy music.  Children explode with excitement when Mama party entertainers arrive and the joyful expressions on their faces are priceless!


If you want to learn more about throwing the perfect Moana party, contact us today on 07732 875 244!  Our talented Moana party entertainers will make your next princess party truly memorable.

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31st Aug 2017

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