Harry Potter Party

Birthdays don’t get any more magical than with your own Hogwarts wizard party! Thrilling tricks and games await, as our magician guides the young spell casters through this fantastical birthday adventure.

Your children’s party entertainer swoops in on their broomstick with everything needed to host an absolutely wizard experience, including props, prizes, games and more. Welcoming the young wizards to their initiation into Hogwarts House, their host will help them find out which house they belong to. What will the Sorting Hat decide for them?They’ll get to find out once and for all whether they belong in Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor or Slytherin!

When it’s time for everyone to sing Happy Birthday and cut the cake, powerful Hogwarts magic means your child’s birthday wish is certain to be fulfilled!

Our children's party entertainers will provide:

  • A male or female Hogwarts wizard host
  • Hogwarts house sorting with spinner
  • Broom Quidditch relay
  • Moaning Myrtle
  • Parachute games
  • Whomping Willow catapult
  • Harry Potter music and dancing
  • Musical statues
  • Pass the parcel
  • Mini face painting or glitter tattoos
  • A magical birthday wish
Harry Potter Party

What Happens at our Harry Potter Party?


Highlights of your child’s party include:

Quidditch Racing!

Apprentice wizards take flight on their enchanted broomsticks, as they navigate the obstacle course and hurl the Snitch into the magic goal. Whichever team has the most Snitches in the goal wins! Which team will emerge triumphant and capture the House Cup?

Spellcasting 101!

Any wizard worth their salt needs to know their spells. Your wizards will learn the best hand movements, wand waves and chants from our entertainer. They’ll soon know their Expecto Patronums from their Reductos!

Whomping Willow!

Sweets more delicious than Every Flavour Beans are hurled into the air by our enchanted catapult! Whoever catches them gets to fire the catapult on the next round.

Moaning Myrtle!

The mystery of Moaning Myrtle may soon be solved by your circle of wizards. Will they be able to discover which one of them is the sad spirit?

Pin the Scar on Harry Potter!

Your guests will need all their wizarding insight to place their scar closest to the true spot of Harry’s lightning mark!

Magical music and dancing, alongside other party games such as pass the parcel and musical statues. Your children’s  entertainer is an expert at painting faces and applying glitter tattoos, while the wizards devour the bewitching food!

With the party coming to an end, it’s the perfect time for birthday cake to revive your wizard’s spirits! With a sprinkle of enchanted dust and the cheers of their friends in their ears, your little charmer will blow out their candles and cast their own spell (or as us Muggles call them, wishes!).

Your wizard’s entertainer will swoop in before the party to set up and  welcoming all the young wizards. They will magic up everything needed for a Hogwarts gathering: games, music, pass the parcel and prizes. Every wizard is encouraged to join in with the games and will leave with their own enchanted prize! And if they aren’t the wizarding type, we offer superhero and pirate games (with matching certificates) to make sure everyone has a truly magical party!


Location of our children's party entertainers:

We provide kids party entertainers all across the UK, including: London, Kent, Surrey, Essex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Bristol, Hampshire, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicestershire, South Wales, Southampton and Bournemouth. Visit our location page to find out more.


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