Pirate Party

Avast me matey! It’s time to learn how to become a true pirate. Your guests will be brave and fearless by the time our party entertainers have finished  their training. They will soon know everything  about becoming a real pirate, hunting for treasure is always a firm favourite!

All our kids party entertainers come from a background in the performing arts, to ensure that they will  bring  fun-filled energetic entertainment to your child’s party.

Ahoy there – just so you know we have both male and female pirates available to host a swash buckling pirate adventure across the high seas.

Our children's party entertainers will provide:

  • A male or female swashbuckling pirate host
  • Shark attack!
  • Pass the booty (a pirate version of pass the parcel)
  • Singing and dancing
  • Musical pirate statues
  • Captain says!
  • Parachute games
  • Treasure hunt
  • Glitter tattoos / face painting
  • Magical birthday WISH
Pirate Party

What Happens at our Pirate Party?

Your children’s entertainer will be there to greet each young swashbuckler and help them to climb aboard! Pirate training will teach each child to talk like a pirate, climb the rigging and dig for treasure.

After lots of pirate-themed games your party guests will be able to have mini face paints  to give them a real pirate beard and eyepatch! After some delicious grub they’ll all sing Happy Birthday and cut that all important cake.

Highlights of your child’s party include:

Walk the Plank: A long thin plank of wood is placed on the floor and party-goers take it in turn to walk the plank forwards, backwards or even blindfolded! Make sure you don’t fall off the plank and get swallowed up by the sharks!

Captain Hook’s Hooks: The birthday party guests take it in turn to see how much treasure they can scoop up wearing one of Captain Hook’s Hooks!

Pop-up-Pirate: One pirate sits in the front of the room with his eyes closed. One by one his fellow sailors must slowly creep towards him. If the pirate turns round and catches them moving, they must walk the plank! The winner is the first person to touch the pirate without being caught.

Musical Islands: Treasure Island mats are placed on the floor. Each island has a name. The music is started and the children swim round the islands, when the crocodile is spotted, the music stops and the children must swim to safety and land on a nearby island. The name of one of the islands is drawn out of a hat and any child or children on that particular “island” are out.

Finally, just before your party comes to an end, there’ll be time to cut the birthday cake and to use the magic dust to make a very special birthday WISH.

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Location of our children's party entertainers:

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