Scooby Doo Party

Ruh roh! Who’s that coming to bring a dose of dizzy adventure to your child’s party? It’s Scooby Doo himself, ready to solve the mystery of the stolen birthday cake!

With every guess and every game

We’ll get closer to the name

Of the villain who tried to take

Your super delicious birthday cake!

Our children's party entertainers will provide:

  • A Scooby Doo party host
  • Interactive party games
  • Mystery Hunt!
  • Pass the parcel
  • Musical games and dancing
  • Catapult game
  • Balloon pop (only for over fives)
  • Mini face painting and glitter tattoos
  • A birthday gift and prizes
Scooby Doo Party

What Happens at our Scooby Doo Party?

Someone has stolen your birthday cake – and he would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for your meddling party guests!
Your children will learn to sleuth just like Scooby in this mystery-themed birthday party. The first half of your party will consist of games, music and dancing, where every game will reveal one clue, and will take your party guests one step closer to finding out who stole the cake! When it’s time for lunch, your children’s party entertainer will apply glitter tattoos and face paints. Finally, just before your party comes to an end, there’ll be time to finally find the stolen birthday cake, make a special birthday wish and enjoy a slice or two!
Your kid’s party entertainer will arrive before the party to set up and greet your guests. They will bring everything necessary for the party, including all the games, music, parcels and prizes.

Highlights of your child’s Scooby Doo Party include:

Cake hunt: Zoinks! Someone’s stolen the birthday cake! Your party guests will have to search for clues to help Scooby solve the crime and find that cake once and for all!

The Mystery of the Mummy: Which of your party guests can do the best Egyptian Mummy impression? After brave volunteers have been wrapped up in loo roll, only then will the next clue be revealed!

Scooby Doo, Where Are You?: Your blindfolded party guests will have to call out to Scooby Doo to help them find their way!

Music and dancing: There will be plenty of music, dancing and singing performances. All our entertainers come from a performance background, so this really will form a big party of the party.

Finally, just before your party comes to an end, there’ll be time to cut the birthday cake and to use the magic dust to make a very special birthday WISH.

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